forEach & map - Tackling a JavaScript Quirk: A Quick Tip for Similar Hurdles

Hey everyone,

Recently, I ran into a snag with JavaScript’s forEach function that might be useful for others facing a similar issue. When dealing with a lone record, I noticed forEach works best with arrays. So, a simple fix—check and transform your input data like this:

if (!(inData instanceof Array)) {
  inData = [inData];

This snippet ensures even single entries play nicely with forEach. Just a heads-up for anyone navigating the same challenge!

Feel free to share your own tips or experiences. Happy coding! :star2::blush:


Hi Veronika,

yes this is the case of some APIs. In case it returns only one record it is send as an object instead of array. This is the best way to sort out this issue and ensure that you will have only one piece of code to parse your JSON. Then same can be applied for


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