Is it possible to delete Company?

When I create some Task or Task step which I don’t need anymore, I am able to delete them (or “deactivate”) . But I didn’t find the option to delete Company. Is that even possible?

What I found is the check box to assign Company to the user:

But if I assigned from all users, will it be possible to assigned it back eventually? How does this work? I didn’t find anything in the documentation (***).

Hi Peter,

at the moment it is not possible to delete company.

In the case you have super admin role, you can deactivate company using “Trash” icon on company grid (Admin → Companies). This company will be no longer visible on company grid.


You can reactivate company by clicking “Show inactive” and then by clicking “Recycle button”

Another possibility is to remove user access for given company as you are proposing. In this case you will still see this company on company grid.

Thanks Tomas

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