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i have noticed that there is a possibility to add comments in Integray. I have been longing for this feature because it really can come in handy, especially to describe task, some kind of overall view to get a bigger picture what it does, hence each task steps can be thoroughly described.

Can i ask how is it with:

  1. Comments visibility - Anyone, who has access to Integray parts (e.g. “Tasks”) can see added comments there?
  2. Comments editability - Only creator of comment can edit it, right?
  3. When transferring setup from one company to another, are comments also transferred?

Thank you!

Hi Petr. No, they aren’t. User comments are not contained in config transfer.

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Hi Peter,

regarding comment visibility, you are correct, anyone who has access to sections where comments are supported can see those comments.
As for editability, same as above, anyone can edit or delete who has access to sections where comments are supported.

Thanks, Tomas

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The reason why we do not transfer them is that user ID of person who created or modified the comment might not match with the user ID in environment where you transfer it.

@petrprosek in case you would like to get this transfer for example under system user ID please add the topic into feature request.

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