Configuration: private or public?

Task step configuration in Integray can be saved in two modes:

  • Private
  • Public


Here is couple of consideration you should make before clicking save button.

  1. Configuration visibility can’t be changed after save. Once you choose Private it will remain private and vice versa.
  2. Private configuration can be used on other task step within the current task.
  3. Public configuration can be used only any task within the current company.

My recommendation:

  • In case I have connection string to database that I’ll maybe use on some other task then I’ll save it as public.
  • In case I have SQL or JS code then I’ll for sure save it as private as it not probable that I’ll use it somewhere else.
  • In case of definition of RestAPI (URL and authorisation) then I’ll also save as public as its very likely I’ll use it is some other task.
  • On the other side the API and payload definition of RestAPI I’ll save as private as I may not use it on other task.


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