Intelligent configuration choices: Private or Public?

Hey, fellow Integray-tors,

I wanted to share a handy solution that’s been a game-changer in managing our connector configurations more effectively. With the arrival of a new version named Chopok, Integray smartly advises saving connector configurations as either Private or Public.

Here’s how it works:
The system now offers intelligent assistance, guiding you to save the configuration as Private or Public based on the connector type and the configuration’s reusability. For example, generic components like connection strings in MS SQL connectors are recommended to be saved publicly for broad use, enhancing efficiency across the board. Conversely, more specific configurations, like SQL script with DataCheckpoint definition, are best kept private.

Configurations list gets smarter:
Moreover, the configuration list now boasts a filtering capability, allowing a personalized and efficient navigation experience. Whether you’re looking to focus on private configurations or need a broad overview, the choice is yours and just a click away.

In the spirit of collaboration and efficiency, I highly recommend exploring these features to simplify configuration management.

Happy configuring!

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