Creating/changing of variable programmatically

Hi there :wave:!

I have a simple REST API task step returning bearer token. It would be great to store it and use it for further communication between Integray and my other app.

The question is if there is any simple way how to store received token within variables?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Michal,

I am afraid you cannot create/update variable programmatically. Variables belong to configuration (together with your tasks, endpoints etc) and tasks should not modify it.

Are you sure you want to persist token? Tokens have lifetime and may (will) expire.

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This one has no expiration date. However, I will store the token somewhere else.

Thanks anyway!

Hi Michal and Libor,

current we can 't change variables outside the Integray even if we have remoteAPI available. The reason is that variables are replaced during configuration Publish. We are currently working on multiple features that would make this available via RemoteAPI but we have to first sort out partial cache rebuild as our first priority is performance.


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