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Hello, I would like to debug the bad code myself, but when the code is more complex, I can’t identify well in which part of the code the error is. For reference, I’m attaching a simple example. What does the term “Line 19” mean in error logs? The error is in the second line (missing curly bracket), so it’s a bit confusing for me. Thanks for the info.


We use the JINT library for interpreting JavaScript code, to which we always pass not only your integration code but also other variables, input data, etc. It is because of these pieces of information that the code is “shifted,” and thus the line numbers do not match. Given the dynamic nature of data, the output from JINT cannot be influenced in any way.

PS: If you would like to have an idea of what the code passed to JINT looks like, try generating a debug script for your code.

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