Endpoint custom error message


In Integray endpoint you can define what kind of message should be passed to use in case there is some error during task execution in case it is connected to endpoint (GET or Sync POST).

In AdminApplication setting are following settings that can adjust what message get in case bad request error (400):


Format of error message - can be either String (concatenated messages) or Array of messages in this case it will return json array.

Include sensitive error message - simply Yes/No. In case value Yes is selected we include complete error message what in case of SQL of JS mapper connector may contain some fragment of configuration code what you might not want to expose in case of error. Default value (and recommended) is No

Sometimes this messages might be not meaningful or you would like to use your own messages. This can be done on endpoint configuration. Below is link to learn.integray.app where you can find detailed info on how you can configure this feature.


Scroll down to section “Fail message”.

Here is small example how this can be configured. I use one step task with JS mapper that generates error:

In case I have no rules on endpoint it will return the following error (array / include sensitive data):

In case I define default error message:

This will be the response in case any failure:

I can define message in case error contains word “special”

Here is the response