Endpoint with valid JSON in body return FailedInput

Hi again,
I post valid JSON to endpoint [ { "Value": "my text" } ]
here is input mapping
but it doesn’t work what’s wrong?
Response: 400 Bad Request,

 "Status": "FailedInput",
    "Link": "https://..?taskRunID=7289#history",
    "Message": "Task could not start. Endpoint data could not be parsed. Task finished with message: Task could not start. Endpoint data could not be parsed.",
    "Result": null


the problem is that you are using GET method. This method doesn’t allow to send the body. You have to use query params in URL query string (Query string - Wikipedia).

In your case you send GET request to:


In case you would have more than one param separate them with &:


Just note that labels in query string are case sensitive.

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Oh yes, i understand, thank you for your help

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