Endpoints and Postman

Hi, I am a complete beginner and I am learning endpoints according to your Knowledge Base. I have managed the GET method but I am stuck with the POST method and using Postman. Is there any tutorial?

Hello Frantisek,

we are happy to help you and navigate further to make sure you get all you need to progress your integration journey.
To be able to help you, please kindly be more specific about the problem you are facing. Please provide the details of the case, used connector and any other specific detail, which will help to address your issue.

In the mean time, I can direct you to a YouTube video related to specific integration, where we do integrate data using Postman as initial data source from where we POST data to Integray using Advance Rest API connector, then we further do some validation using JS mapping connector and finally POSTing the validated data to HubSpot and creating a record.
This one might give you relatively good example of real utilisation of Advance Rest API connector and POST method. You also will learn, how to configure the endpoint and set up the details for POST method.

Ready to help you further once you provide more details on your issue. If this answer is already helpful, just like it and keep integrating furhter.


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