Send the data obtained from the public API to email

Hi all,
for potential inspiration for other Integray users, I’m adding my integration here, where I retrieve data from a public API, convert it into MS Excel, and then send it via email. And all this within five simple steps. I believe it might help someone with their own integration:

I found an API for fetching currency exchange rates on the page, where, after a simple registration, you get the URL and API Key required for the first integration step.

Step 1: Get data from public API
I used the Advanced Rest API Connector, where I just entered the above-mentioned URL and API Key. I chose the JSON as the Output format type (see the configuration below).

Step 2: Data preparation for conversion to Excel
In the next step, I needed to prepare the retrieved data for conversion to MS Excel. I used the JS Mapper with the following configuration. As the Output schema, I again selected JSON. In Input mapping, it was necessary to map the data from the previous step.

Step 3: Data conversion to Excel
This step was the simplest - I chose the JSON to Excel Converter and only mapped the data from the previous step in the Input mapping. Integray itself prepared the Data schema for me.

Step 4: Preparing data for sending by email
I used the JS Mapper again, as preparation for the final step - sending via email.

Step 5: Sending by email
To send the email, I used the Seznam SMTP Sender Connector, where I entered my login credentials and mapped the data from the previous step in the Input Mapping.

So, this is my configuration. There are undoubtedly many other ways to achieve the same result. I believe this can serve as a bit of inspiration to someone.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Hey, Adam,

I tried to do the integration according to your instructions and it worked beautifully! Thanks!

It seems that integray is not only work but also fun :smiley:

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