Supplemental Training Materials

Hi. Do you ever plan to create short tutorial videos to the use of the connectors, or some other visual presentations other than the Нelp Сenter articles?

Hello Alya,

Currently, we have the “Help Center > Connector Academy” as our primary resource for users to learn and understand how to work with individual connectors. In addition to this, we’re actively expanding our “Example Library” to provide more practical examples, whether it’s for individual connectors or sequences of connectors in a single integration task.

Regarding video tutorials, I can confirm that they are in our roadmap. We’re preparing to include videos about features, as well as connectors, on our upcoming YouTube channel. While we haven’t set a specific launch date for the channel, it will be closely tied to our next platform release.


Thank you so much for such a detailed response. I am one of the first potential subscribers to your future channel ! I am very happy to be using such a quality product as Integray.

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