Synchronous endpoint within a task step

Hello, i would like to raise a question (more of like a confirmation of my configuration).

When i have a task step within a task that calls synchronously Integray endpoint that subsequently triggers another task, will it wait for the triggered task to be finished and continue with the original task or will it just trigger the subsequent task and not wait and simply continue anyway?

Thank you.

This depends on configuration and selection of proper connector. We have two options how to run task in Integray:

  • Integray endpoint connector - using endpoint connected to task
  • Integray start task connextor - direct run of the task

Integray endpoint connector - in this case it depends on settings of endpoint. In case GET method is used then it always waits untill the endpoint finish the task. In case of POST you can set on endpoint if you want synchronous or asynchronous processsing. In case of sync it will wait untill the task behind endpoint is completed.

Integray start task connector - this is matter of configuration. As a part of connector config you select how you want to run the task. Async or sync and in case sync is selected then step is waiting until task is completed and in case async it doesn’t wait.

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