Timeout on endpoint, task step and connector

Timeout and its use in Integray. There are various places where you can define timeout in Integray. Here is the list of them:

  • Endpoint wait timeout
  • Task step timeout
  • Connector timeout - this is valid for some of the endpoints where timeout is possible such as rest API and other web services

Timeout of task or endpoint is managed by sanitiser job running every 15 seconds and checking if task (based on start date) or endpoint (based on schedule) date is not exceeding total time in seconds allocated for task or endpoint.

For task it is calculated as summary of timeout on all task steps and multiplied on task step level with number of allowed attempts plus attempt wait time. For endpoint we take total task timeout and we add endpoint wait time to it. In case sanitiser spots that timeout is expired it automatically mark the step or whole task as “Failed timeout”. In case task is connected to synchronous endpoint it returns error due to timeout.