Task list: Introducing 'Only not executable' filter

Hi, Integray community,

I have some exciting news to share about making our workflow smoother. Have you ever found yourself scrolling through the task list, trying to pinpoint which tasks are giving you trouble because they’re not executable? Well, Integray has rolled out a small but incredibly handy update to the Task list that will save us a lot of time: the “Only not executable” button.

What’s new?
No more sifting through every single task to figure out which ones need your attention. With this new button, you can instantly filter and display only those currently not executable tasks. It’s a simple addition, but it’ll make a huge difference in how quickly we can identify and resolve issues.

How it works:
Just hit the “Only not executable” button, and voila, your task list will only show the tasks that aren’t ready to run. This means you can immediately focus on fixing whatever’s holding them back without the distraction of tasks that are already good to go.

Ready to dive into a more streamlined task management experience? Check out this new feature and see how quickly you can get your projects back on track. And for more details, don’t forget to swing by the Help center.

I’m finding this feature really useful for my daily tasks, and I’d love to hear how it’s working out for you, too. Let’s keep sharing tips and tricks to help each other make the most of Integray.

Stay connected, stay integrated!

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