New endpoint list indicators

Hey, Integray community,

I want to share something useful that’s been added to our favorite integration platform - it’s an extension of the list of endpoints with a maybe small but handy thing.

What’s new?

So, in the latest update, there’s this cool new feature that makes it way easier to see if there’s something wrong with our tasks right from the Endpoint list. No more diving deep to figure out why something isn’t working.

Alert icons for the win

Have you ever scratched your head, wondering why a configuration isn’t running, only to find out it’s because of some small issue? Well, say goodbye to those moments. Now, we get this little orange or red triangle with an exclamation mark next to any Endpoint, which is bound to the non-runnable task. It’s saving us from unnecessary detective work.

Hover and discover

And here’s the cherry on top - hover over that orange/red icon and bam! You get all the deets on what’s going wrong with the task. It’s super handy for quick fixes, letting us get back on track without missing a beat.

I’m all about making things easier, and this update does that. Managing tasks and spotting problems just got a whole lot simpler. If you want to dive into more details, there’s some stuff in the Endpoint documentation that breaks it down.

I really love how Integray keeps finding ways to save us time and headaches.

Have you tried this new feature yet? I would love to hear how it’s making your life easier, too!

Catch you later,


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