Business entity register ARES (

In Inegray you can easily get data from ARES in very consumable way. Instead of using multiple ARES services hosted under (Swagger UI) we created one connector that returns the following data (example on Intelligent studios s.r.o.):

    "StatusID": 1,
    "StatusName": "Found",
    "EIN": "27907147",
    "TAXIN": "CZCZ27907147",
    "Name": "Intelligent Studios s.r.o.",
    "RegistrationDate": "2023-09-05T00:00:00",
    "Type": "Společnost s ručením omezeným",
    "FullStreet": "V parku 2294",
    "FullCity": "14800 Praha",
    "Country": "Česká republika",
    "City": "Praha",
    "City2": "Chodov",
    "City3": "Praha 11",
    "PostalCode": "14800",
    "Street": "V parku",
    "StreetNumber": "2294",
    "StreetNumber2": "2",
    "TradeLicenseIssuer": "Úřad městské části Praha 11",
    "RegisterLocation": "Městský soud v Praze",
    "RegisterNumber": "C 125652",
    "EconomicActivity": [
        "Code": "620"
        "Code": "702"

Configuration of connector is very easy:

  • Select “Ares reader connector”
  • Configure hostname url always: “
  • Timeout based on number of data you plan to process (this connector works in bulk or row-by-row however I recommend to use bulk to get data faster)

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