Connectors with Data Checkpoint


I’m really enjoying JS Mapper connector when I’m using the Integray. I appreciate a Data storage column and possibility of storing values as a Data Checkpoint, when I’m configuring. This column seems to me very useful.

Can you tell me if there are other connectors with Data storage column? If so, can you tell me which ones they are?

Thank you.

Hi Kamila,

here is the list of connectors which are currently supporting Data Checkpoint

“CatalogDB Integration Error Reader”
“CatalogDB Select connector”
“File Reader”
“FTP(S) Reader”
“Gmail IMAP Reader Connector”
“IMAP Reader Connector”
“Integray Endpoint Connector”
“ISDS - Incoming Reader”
“ISDS - Outgoing Changes Reader”
“ISDS - Outgoing Reader”
“JS Mapper”
“Microsoft Exchange EWS Reader Connector”
“Microsoft Exchange Reader Connector”
“Microsoft Sharepoint O365 File Reader Connector”
“Microsoft SQL Database”
“Rest API Connector”
“Seznam IMAP Reader Connector”
“SQLite Mapper”


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