New connectors as of July 2023


I would like to share with you the list of some interesting connectors we added recently:

Ceska Narodni Banka - exchnge rates

  • CNB Daily Rates Currency Month Reader
  • CNB Daily Rates Reader
  • CNB Monthly Averages Reader
  • CNB Quarterly Averages Reader

Czech cadastral register

  • Cuzk Authorized Entity Reader
  • Cuzk Cadastral Territories Reader
  • Cuzk Document Reader
  • Cuzk Document Request
  • Cuzk Ownership Certificate Request
  • Cuzk Parcel Info Request
  • Cuzk Property Overview Request
  • Cuzk Report Delete
  • Cuzk Report List Reader
  • Cuzk Report Reader

Europen central bank - exchange rates

  • ECB Daily Rates Currency Month Reader
  • ECB Daily Rates Reader
  • ECB Monthly Averages Reader
  • ECB Quarterly Averages Reader - read / write items, boards, groups, docs, …*

  • Monday Board Columns Reader
  • Monday Document Delete
  • Monday Document Updater
  • Monday Document Writer
  • Monday Documents By Id Reader
  • Monday Documents By Item Column Reader
  • Monday Entity Writer
  • Monday Generic Processor
  • Monday Item Column Values Writer
  • Monday Item Parser
  • Monday Items Reader
  • Monday Updates Reader
  • Monday Updates Writer

Current weather data

  • OpenWeather Current Data Reader

Server-less SQLite connector for SQL transformation without the need of server

  • SQLite Mapper

Czech and EU VAT register and commerce register

  • VAT Payer Reader Connector
  • VIES VAT Payer Reader Connector
  • Ares Reader Connector
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