Can I get "200(OK)" response instead of "201(Created)"?


Can I get “200(OK)” response instead of “201(Created)” when the endpoint is set up correctly with success response?

Thank you.

Good Morning @kamila.mala,

each endpoint has predefined responses. There is no way to get different response for successful/unsuccessful call than change the response definition on the endpoint side.

In case you call internal Integray endpoint, there is already response defined and can’t be changed. However, everything starts by number 2 means success. Otherwise there is some error in the call.

In case you call external endpoint, you can redefine the response which you get within the call. Obviously, you have to be endpoint owner to do it so.


The default setting is 201 - created. You can change it globally for whole application to 200 - OK in application settings in case you have access rights:

Don’t forget to press “Apply” button once the value is changed.