How to move files in SharePoint with Integray


can you please give me an advice, which Integray connector to use if I need to move a file in SharePoint from one folder into another folder?

Do I need to fill in a Mailbox while using SharePoint connectors with Authentication Mode = Client secret, or is Client secret enough?

The reason why I ask is that while registering a new app in Azure Portal I get information about Tenant ID, Client ID, but no Mailbox is provided, hence I am not sure, which Mailbox to use.

Can you also give me an advice, which API permissions should I set up in Azure Portal in order to move file in SharePoint via Integray?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Martin,
we don’t have Sharepoint connector to move files from one folder to another on Sharepoint storage for now. There is an workaround to use Sharepoint File Reader connector, read file from Sharepoint and next use Sharepoint File Writer connector to write the file back to the same instance of Sharepoint. But this solution is not optimal.

You don’t need to fill Mailbox configuration property when you are using Authentication Mode = Client secret.

Take a look at the used connector help link documentation for checking API permissions which must to be set on Azure portal.

Have a nice day Radek

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