Creating a task step configuration without knowledge of JavaScript

Hi. Maybe this question is of interest to some other new users. How can I create a configuration for a Task Step if I am not a programmer and do not know the Java Script language?

Have a nice day. Alya.

Hello Alya,

Thank you for raising this question, which might indeed be relevant to other new users. While it’s challenging to provide a specific answer without more details about your scenario, let me give you a general overview.

In our repository, we have a wide range of connectors. Out of these, only two - the JS mapper and the Node.js processor - expect users to write JavaScript code. I’m assuming you’re referring to an integration task that uses one of these connectors.

While these connectors do anticipate a certain level of JavaScript proficiency, you’re not entirely on your own. Our Help Center > Connector Academy offers resources on how to use each connector, including the ones that involve JavaScript. Even if you’re not familiar with JavaScript, you can leverage AI tools (like ChatGPT) to assist you in generating the required script for your configuration.

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