Introducing Praded (2023.05.001) release - The Next Leap in Your Integration Journey

Hey fellow integraytors,

now is the moment to announce that the much-awaited Praded (2023.05.001) release is ready to roll out on 19th September 2023, packed with pioneering features designed to enhance your coding experience and streamline your integration processes. Here’s a glimpse of what’s unfolding:

Task Step Debugger and Debug Script Generator

Leap beyond boundaries with the new Task Step Debugger, a tool designed to streamline the fine-tuning of code scripts and connector configurations. Say goodbye to elongated processes as you embrace a dynamic, streamlined approach to crafting the perfect script.

Node.js and Python Processors

  • Node.js Processor: Unleash the full potential of JavaScript with a range of exciting libraries including REST API, async fetch, lodash, and OpenAI. Tailor your error-handling strategies and manipulate data with freedom and precision.
  • Python Processor: Step into a realm of endless possibilities with Python, now supported by the powerful Pandas module for effective data manipulation and analysis. Experience the growth and versatility of the world’s fastest-growing major programming language.

Enhanced Configuration & Mapping

  • Renaming Without Loss: Rename task steps, endpoints, and schema columns without losing your essential data mappings.
  • Task Step Behavior Configuration: Define default values for various task step behaviors at the company level, streamlining your workflow and reducing configuration efforts.

Agent Wrapper

Revolutionize remote agent management with a transformational approach, enhancing operational dynamics and bringing a paradigm shift in agent handling within our platform.

Advanced Filter and Search Options

  • Enhanced Filter Options: Enjoy extended filter options in task step input mapping for precise data filtration.
  • Endpoint Data Value Search: Streamline your data search experience with improved search functionality in endpoint data values.

Efficient Task and Endpoint Management

  • Copying Task and Endpoint: Save time by copying task and endpoint configurations effortlessly within and across companies.
  • Endpoint Fail Custom Message: Customize your error messages, enhancing the transparency and clarity of endpoint 400 error code messages.

Data Checkpoints Extension

Experience heightened efficiency with extended data checkpoint support, now encompassing all SQL connectors, JS Mapper, Node.js, and Python connectors.

Access Rights

Ensure a secure and controlled platform administration with the new access rights management feature, introducing a role-based access control at the company level.

Full Docker Solution

We’re thrilled to culminate our journey towards a full Docker solution, promising enhanced performance and fortified data security across all Integray instances.

Get ready to explore a realm of enhanced capabilities and functionalities designed to empower you in building robust and efficient integrations. Stay tuned for 19th September 2023 - the day Praded (2023.05.001) goes live, marking a historic milestone in your Integray journey.

Dive Deeper
Want to explore these features in detail? Visit our Help center > Release notes to read and learn more about all the exciting updates we have prepared for you.

Thank you for being a part of our integration community. We are excited to witness the remarkable solutions you’ll craft with these new tools at your disposal.

Team Integray