How to connect to webhook


this is a bit longer topic that illustrates on how to create web-hook integration with Here is link ( explaining on how to register web-hook URL in Monday. But before you can do that you have to have on created in Monday.

Let’s go step by step in Integray to create endpoint, task and some further consumption of data from Monday.

As is stated in the link above you have to create endpoint that returns data sent from Monday back as response. This part is needed in order to reply to message type “challenge”. Once the registration of web-hook is correct you will receive message type of “event” based on trigger configured in Monday.

Endpoint definition:

We will use POST method with JSON input and we will consume whole POST body using ${body}:


Next we go create task linked to endpoint

First step will check the type of message - event or challenge:

I created new schema Monday webhook with two columns type and JSON.

Now I have to go back to endpoint and set output as show in the screen below:

  • Ensure that POST method start ASYNC is unchecked
  • Use Endpoint JSON single Output schema
  • Uncheck Include system data in response

Publish the settings and you are good to go to add the endpoint into Monday web-hook.

Now you can extend the step with data processing. Here is example where I add next JS mapper to consume “event” data sent by

I added filter not to continue in case of “challenge” message type as it doesn’t contain any reasonable data and your processing script will most probably fail.

If you write your processing in proper way you may reuse the task and endpoint on multiple boards integrations. We use it for auto-number creation in Monday where we want to have unique auto-number across multiple boards so we have one endpoint and task that is integrated on multiple web-hooks on multiple boards.