Monday Entity Writer

When creating a configuration to Monday Entity writer Connector for Entity type - “Item”, we have to set Name, Board ID, and Group ID. Question, where can I see the Group ID on Monday? We can see the Board ID and Item ID in the command line by clicking.

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Hello Alya,

there are more ways you can find the Group ID you are asking about.

In case you are not using any monday connector yet, you should visit and find their API documentation. Read the chapter about the Groups.

You will find a query for GraphQL with the input parameter BoardID. Try this one and you will get what you search.

query {
	boards (ids: 1234567890) {
		groups {

If you already have Monday connectors in use, please note that the connector Monday Item Reader can easily return data including the Group ID. Please make sure you select the correct output schema - Monday Items Reader Output.

Don’t forget to visit our Help center > Connector academy > Monday item reader.

Hope this helps.

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