How to parse data


here short info on how you can make data from easier consumable in Integray for further processing. By default we return the column values in json array in this format:

This means that in case you need certain value for example PlainValue for column “Ticker ID” what is ID=text7 you have to use the following script in JS mapper and you can use for example much simple JSON parse connector:

const TicketID = inputData[0].ColumnValues.find(x => x.ID == "text7");

We have new connector called Monday parser that makes column values more user friendly. Here is configuration of such step:

And this how the results looks like:

It returns pulse ID, name, group ID and group name and one json column with values in the following format:

This can be very easily addressed in JS mapper as:

const TicketID = inputData[0].ColumnValues.text7.PlainValue;

Other option is to use JSON parser connector with the following config as example: