HTML Connector JSON input parsing


I need help with the HTML connector, how do I parse the data and also how do I insert it into the table I created? on input I have an endpoint that sends a “JSON” variable. The structure of this JS is:[{“Person”:“Johny Deep”,“Date”:“2023-10-09T00:00:00”,“Length”:“Half a day”},{“Person”:"Rick Owens ",“Date”:“2023-10-18T00:00:00”,“Length”:“Half a day”}]


Hello Filip,

I am not sure I understand your needs. Can you share overall picture?

Assuming you are writing HTML page using HTML connector which should load some data from endpoint, you have several options. Note that loading data happens in browser.

As part of your HTML you will probably write javascript which loads the data from endpoint (using for exapmle fetch)


this is my table and instead of X, i need to put “Person” and “Length” to correct date based on “Date” form json input, but i have troubles with getting dynamic data to script in HTML
Also, is there a difference with JSON in HTML used through script and JSON connector ?

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