Inquiry Regarding Unpublished Tasks


I recently received a transfer from my colleague in the company, which I successfully uploaded and published. However, it appears that some tasks did not get published. Could you please provide insight into why certain tasks were skipped during the publishing process? Additionally, is it possible to identify which tasks were omitted and the reasons behind their exclusion?

Thank you for your assistance.



Hi Andrea,

thank you for reaching out with your question regarding the publishing process. When certain tasks do not get published, it’s likely due to incorect configured settings within those tasks.

The most common reason tasks are skipped during the publish process is due to configuration errors. This can include missing steps, incorrect settings, or configurations. Each task needs to be correctly configured to ensure a successful publish.

Starting with the upcoming Chopok version, you will benefit from a new feature, the ‘List of Detected Issues.’ This feature will be invaluable for identifying which tasks were omitted and understanding the specific configuration issues that led to their exclusion. It will present a clear and concise overview, directly in the modal window after attempting to publish, highlighting any detected issues with your tasks.

If you have further questions or require additional assistance, please feel free to reach out.



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