A deep dive into enhanced publishing feedback

Hey everyone on the forum,

I just wanted to drop in and share something cool from the latest Chopok release that’s been making my life a lot easier. We’ve all been there: trying to publish our work and hitting a snag without a clear idea of what went wrong. Well, it looks like those days might be behind us.

What’s new with Publishing:
After hitting the publish button, a modal pops up, clearly telling you if it was a success or a flop. But here’s the kicker: it doesn’t just leave you hanging if there is an issue. It lays out exactly what went wrong, with detected issues highlighted in orange for warnings and red for errors.

Why it’s awesome:
For someone like me who constantly tweaks and updates tasks and endpoints, this level of detail is a game-changer. No more combing through configurations trying to spot the mistake. Plus, the direct links to the problematic areas? Chef’s kiss.

Special heads-up:
There are also these special warnings for cases like when you’ve got an endpoint linked to a non-runnable task or the Agent connected to the task is offline. It’s like having a guardian angel :slight_smile:

From the trenches:
This isn’t just about avoiding errors; it’s about smoothing out the whole process. Whether it’s a successful publish or one that needs a bit more work, knowing right away lets you act fast.

For anyone diving into the specifics or needing a guide on how to leverage this feature fully, I strongly recommend checking out the Publish documentation. It’s pretty well laid out and adds another layer of understanding to this update.

I hope this helps some of you as much as it helped me. Happy integrating, and here’s to making our workflows smoother with every update!


A friendly Integray-tor :smiley:

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