Maximizing efficiency with Tag management: A handy solution for enhanced organization

Effective organization and streamlined processes are key to success in today’s fast-paced business environment. Within the Integray platform, the management of tags offers a powerful solution for enhancing organization, categorization, and searchability of data and processes. In this article, we’ll explore how to maximize efficiency with tag management in Integray, providing you with a handy solution for improved workflow management.

Understanding the power of tags

Tags serve as descriptive labels or keywords assigned to various elements within Integray, including Companies, Endpoints, Tasks, and Task Steps. These labels let you quickly identify and group elements based on common characteristics or themes. By leveraging tags, you can enhance:

  • Flexibility: Create tags according to specific needs, allowing for high customization.
  • Searchability: Efficiently search and filter elements based on assigned tags.
  • Organization: Categorize and organize data and processes on the platform.

Key features of tag management

Tag creation and management:

  • Creating tags: You can easily create new tags within Integray by entering the tag’s name in the designated field.
  • Maintaining consistency: Consistency in tag creation is crucial for efficient organization and searchability.
  • Tag editing and merging: Administrators have exclusive rights to edit, merge, or delete tags, ensuring controlled management.

Tag usage and visibility:

  • Visibility: You can see where individual tags are assigned, providing a comprehensive overview of tag usage.
  • Automatic deletion: Unused tags are automatically removed from the system, ensuring a clean and organized tag structure.

Search by tags:

  • Efficient searching: You can perform efficient searches using tags on Tasks and Endpoints, and across all Runtime dashboards, including Task Run Overview and Endpoint Data Viewer, among others, enhancing workflow management.
  • Local storage: Searched tags are saved in local storage for future reference, improving search efficiency.

Visual tag distinction:

  • Direct and Inherited Tags: Tags directly assigned to elements are displayed with a blue background, while inherited tags are displayed with a gray background, enhancing clarity and organization.

Best practices for tag management

  • Conceptual approach: Consider organizational needs before creating tags to facilitate efficient search and categorization.
  • Consistency: Assign tags consistently to improve search efficiency and clarity.
  • Simplicity: Keep the number of tags at a reasonable level to avoid complexity.
  • Ongoing maintenance: Regularly review and manage tags to keep the tag system clean and efficient.


Tag management in Integray offers a powerful solution for enhancing organization, categorization, and searchability within the platform. By following best practices and leveraging the key features of tag management, you can maximize efficiency and streamline workflow management. With Integray’s tag management capabilities, you can take your organization to the next level, driving success in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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