Introducing Chopok (2024.02.001) release - Enjoy the next level

Hey, Integray community,

We’re excited to unveil the next evolution of our integration platform with the upcoming release, named Chopok (2024.02.001), launching on April 01, 2024. Chopok is designed to significantly enhance your experience with a host of new features and improvements. Let’s dive into what’s coming.

Main highlights


With templates, you can reduce setup times and streamline processes. These pre-configured steps offer a ready-made solution for quick and error-free integrations, making complex tasks accessible to all skill levels.

Remote config transfer

This game-changer automates the migration of settings across environments, ensuring seamless and secure synchronization. Forget manual setups; embrace automation with Remote Configuration Transfer.


Tags are here to revolutionize how you organize and search within Integray. Apply descriptive labels to companies, endpoints, and tasks for swift identification and management.

Multi-input step:

The Multi-input step feature introduces a new era of data integration, allowing multiple inputs in a single step for parallel processing and enhanced workflow efficiency.

Beyond the main highlights

While the features above set the stage for a transformative integration experience, Chopok offers even more under the hood. Let’s explore additional enhancements that, while not in the spotlight, play a crucial role in elevating your workflow and project success.

Config transfer - Redesign
We’ve overhauled the configuration transfer process, making it smoother and more intuitive. Whether you’re moving configurations within your environment or to a different environment, the new design simplifies these actions, ensuring a seamless transfer.

Connector configuration: Private or Public
This feature intelligently guides you in saving connector configurations. Whether you’re saving configurations recommended for public saving or task-specific settings better kept private, this feature simplifies decision-making, ensuring your configurations are stored optimally.

Publish - enhanced Error & Warning messages
Deployment is now more foolproof than ever. When you’re ready to publish your configurations, our improved error and warning messages provide more explicit guidance on any issues.

Variables - Modification
This update introduces the new “Name” and “Group” fields, allowing for better organization and easier variable management. With up to 255 characters for clear identification and the ability to categorize variables into groups, managing your integration variables has never been more straightforward.

Endpoint list - Extension
Our endpoint list now identifies non-executable tasks, helping you quickly pinpoint and address any actions that cannot run due to configuration errors or missing connections.

Extended company owner rights - Company deactivation
Company owners now have the ability to deactivate their company.

Default settings for Config transfer: Streamline your workflow with default settings for configuration transfers. This feature saves time and reduces manual setup, making managing and deploying your integrations easier.

New endpoint security authentication type
Introducing the “Internal” authentication type, specifically designed for scenarios that require endpoints to stay internal and not be exposed beyond the Integray service. Integray’s primary token protection automatically applies to your endpoint when you choose this authentication type.

New job for Auto remote config transfer
Our new job functionality automates configuration transfers. Set up automatic transfers to keep remote configurations up-to-date, reducing manual oversight and ensuring continuity.

Connector cleanup
This feature significantly boosts the Connectors Update Job. It is designed to elevate your system’s efficiency by ensuring only the latest and necessary connector versions are maintained. With automatic updates and the systematic removal of obsolete versions, your system stays optimized and clutter-free.

Task list extension
Our task list now clearly identifies non-executable tasks, making it easier to troubleshoot and refine your integration processes for optimal performance.

Advanced filter persistence
This feature ensures your filter settings stay the same across tabs, sessions, and even shareable links, making your navigation and collaboration smoother than ever. Whether you’re working in multiple tabs or sharing views with teammates, your filters stay exactly as you set them.

Dive deeper into Chopok

Are you eager to learn more about these features and how they can transform your integration processes? Mark your calendars for April 01, 2024, when the Chopok (2024.02.001) release goes live. Visit our Help Center > Release Notes for an in-depth exploration of all the enhancements and new capabilities.

Thank you for being a part of our integration community. We are excited to witness the remarkable solutions you’ll craft with these new tools at your disposal.

Enjoy the next lever, enjoy CHOPOK!

Team Integray