Organization and management of projects

I recently started using your integration platform, Integray. I am amazed by the range of features and flexibility the platform offers :muscle: However, I have a question regarding the organization and management of projects.

While working on various integrations, I noticed that it would be handy if I could organize my integrations using, for example, some kind of tags or labels that would allow me to sort and search for projects by keywords or categories quickly. Therefore, I would like to ask whether Integray supports something like this or if there is a plan to add this feature in the future.

Thank you in advance for your response.

Hi Marek,

in new release called Chopok we have ready feature you are requesting!!! We have added tags or tagging on the following entities: companies, tasks, endpoints and task steps. You will be able to search over tags on all appropriate grids and dashboards.

Please follow us on LinkedIn to get information about upcoming release.

Thanks Tomas


Dear Tomas,

Thank you for your prompt and positive response. I am delighted to hear that the new Chopok release will include the tagging feature I inquired about. I look forward to utilizing this new feature and exploring its benefits.

Additionally, I will make sure to follow you on LinkedIn for updates on the upcoming release.

Best regards,

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