No data produced feature


I am seeking for clarity regarding the feature “No data produced”. Does someone know how to properly use it and set it up? I would be grateful for an example.


Hello, Henrich,

No data produced” feature tells the system whether the subsequent task step should be executed or not. Dependent on the setup, it either always continue with a next step or it stops current task branch.

  • Continue” - it continues with a next step regardless of whether current step produced any output data (according to set output schema).
  • Stop” - stops the current task branch when current step has not produced any output data.

It always depends on the case, which setup should be used because you may have task steps that should be executed even when no data were produced by previous task step and on the other hand you can have task steps that shouldn’t be executed when no data were produced by previous one.

For example when you read emails from mailbox and further process them with using JavaScript connector or any other. But you do not want to process them when no new email has been received (no data have been produced), you can then use “No data produced” and task run gets stopped.


To continue with next task step even if no data have been produced could be a case when you have a step that not necessarily produces any output data, e.g. when you INSERT or UPDATE data in database table but you still would like to continue with the task in which you further process something.

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