Нow to get admin rights when registering?

Hi. Can I, as a normal user, get more rights, for example for administration? Or can someone with master admin rights do it at my request?

Hello Alya,

Typically, when you are added as a user to the platform, an administrator is the one granting you access rights based on your role or responsibilities within the organization.

As a regular user, you don’t have the ability to modify your own access rights. Any changes to your permissions would need to be requested and then adjusted by someone with administrative capabilities.

However, there is one exception. If you create a new company within the platform, you’ll automatically be designated as the owner of that company. This grants you the “General editor” access rights, allowing you to create, manage, and maintain the integration tasks for that specific company. Yet, this won’t elevate your overall access to full administrative rights, so certain admin functions will still be out of reach.

For a deeper understanding of access permissions, I recommend checking out our Help center > Knowledge base > Administration > Access rights.

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