The Cuzk cadastral territories reader connector

I am at the Help Center right now and I am learning The Cuzk cadastral territories reader connector. Where the information that:
“In order to work with the real cadastral database you need to register and get access codes to the service at the Cuzk cadastral territories. This is a paid service. Please note that the use of our platform connector in comparison with direct integration with the CUZC service will increase the convenience of working with the service, as it is presented to the user as synchronous in comparison with the original asynchronous CUZC service”.
Do I understand correctly that in order to use this database directly, I have to register and buy this service? Or, being a user of Integray platform, I can use this data without payment and registration?


in case you want to use CUZK service you have to buy the license/credential from the Czech cadastral office. This service is paid and is not covered by the Integray license.

Regards, Tomas.

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