Render HTML website as task/endpoint output


I would like to ask about endpoint output. Is there any way how to serve HTML website to endpoint caller?

So far, I’ve found that endpoints returns JSON format data even when the output data are in HTML format. If caller would get rendered website instead of HTML/CSS code in JSON format, it could be used for various business cases. Such as presenting aggregated data from multiple systems (power bi), serving data to iframes across company infrastructure or sharing log information of configured solution to key users (not information about task runs but context information of processes).

Thanks for reponse in advance!

We are working on new endpoint output schema that will return HTML content. This feature will be available by the end of this week in version 2023-04.003 what will be available on all hosted environments based on installation calendar.

Name of the schema is “Endpoint HTML output” with column “HTML” of type text. You can put any HTML and will provide it on out without any validation. So you have to ensure that you provide valid HTML content.

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Wow! Thank you for such a quick response action!

Hi! Will it be possible to use JavaScript in the HTML output? Are there any restrictions?

Hi Jiri,

there are no restrictions. You put what ever you want in the HTML output as from Integray perspective it is considered as a string and HTML is parsed on the browser. So if you put valid java script or include valid link into .js file you can use java script functions.


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