Setting task data checkpoint when task is transferred/copied to another company

Hi everyone,

just a small tip when transferring tasks from DX to Integray or transferring/copying them between Integray companies.

I have currently transferred a task from DX to Integray and I have only realized that I forgot to set up data checkpoint for the new task in Integray after its first task run. Hence, I ended up with several unwanted requests in Xeelo that I had to take care of.

That is why, the tip is:

  • Do not forget to set up data checkpoints when transferring/copying tasks. You can easily copy the data checkpoint from the task in DX or from the task in another company in Integray.
  • If the old and the new task is permorming the same action, then do not forget to suspend one of the task. This is especially important when both tasks are executed by CRON.


  • Some old connectors in DX have different data checkpoint structure, compared to those in Integray. In this case get in touch with our support team for assistance.


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Here is article relates to DX2.0 migration to Integray: Migration from DX2.0 into Integray

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