Nextcloud/webdav connector


I’d like to setup integration messages ISDS (Datova schranka) messages into Nextcloud. I’ve found ISDS connector which can read messages, but I did not find any connector which is able to create webdav/nextcloud folders and files.

Are there any plans for such connector or is there some SDK available so I can write it on my own?



I’m sorry but we don’t have webdav connector yet. However this connector is on our roadmap and we plan to release it already this year.

As a workaround you can use FileWriter into Linux or Windows server where you will store data in local folder and synchronise it using some of the existing utilities or you can directly link local folder to webdav storage.

Regarding SDK: please send me your email contact and I’ll direct you to our developer who can explain you details about connector development.

Regards, Tomas.

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