Unlocking Your Apple Device: Fixing ISDS Connector File Issues

Have you ever found yourself frustrated while attempting to send attachments through ISDS connectors, only to be met with a cryptic error message regarding unauthorized file transmission? Fear not, for there’s a solution at hand!

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The Culprit: Default Archive Utility Woes

The root cause of this issue lies within the default Archive Utility on Mac. While it may seem like a trusty companion for file compression, it harbors a hidden quirk. Secretly, it tucks away invisible items into the .zip file, including folder attributes and other concealed elements. Sadly, these innocent-looking files trigger error messages when sent via data boxes.

The Heroic Solution: Terminal to the Rescue

But don’t worry, because a solution is already in your hands – the Terminal. With a simple command, this powerful tool efficiently compresses your files and removes any hidden elements, preventing error messages and ensuring smooth file transmission.

So confidently access your Terminal, execute the command, and let it work its wonders, making file sharing through ISDS connectors a breeze!