Log level setup - development vs. production

Integray is coming in many areas with some default settings. One of this area is setup of log hub rules - engine that defines the level of logging task execution and various system / agent / task or job messages. Default settings is available in “super admin” screen under log hub rules:

This is the most optimise setup for the fastest integration because log records are create only in case of warning or errors.

You can change this settings in “Your Name” → Admin → Log hub rules. Note that these rules are valid for all companies within the instance.

Other option is to change it for your company under “Company Name” → Log hub rules.

Every time you change the values do not forget to publish the settings using “Publish” button with cloud icon.

Here is my recommendation for various type of environments:

Development - here I usually create new rule inside the company configuration just for task runs from template by clicking load from template button and selecting all task runs:

Rule looks as follows it filters on existence of TaskID and Module = “TaskRun”. For development I recommend to use level Trace, Debug, Info.

Test and Production - In case I share production and development companies on one instance I would use the same approach as above what means creation of log hub rule inside the company configuration. However without Trace and Debug level. I would keep just Info.

** Don’t forget to publish the settings **

Note: Log hub rule in super admin is used only case you have too many companies and person supervising Integray platform want to be sure that minimal level of logging is established. In this I do not recommend to use lower than Info level.