What is the function of the Percentile button?

How does the Percentile button help when I select filters in Task Run analysis. And why there are only three values - 99, 97, and 95? Can I set a value for my own?

Dear Ali.
Task run analysis allows you to get overall overview about speed, consistency and reliability of your defined integration process.
Almost all processes sometimes take unexpectedly long time (e.g. overloaded 3rd party tool, data source etc.) or are too quick (e.g. no data to process). Such abnormalities would distort analysis and shouldn’t be taken into account.
In the domain of the task run analysis (and the Box&Whiskers plot), we call these abnormalities “outliers”. And exactly for their detection, the Percentile option is used. At the time, we offer predefined the most comontly used options - 95, 97 a 99 percentiles. For example, 99 percentile means that all values higher than 99 percentile and lower than 1 percentile will be marked as outliers and displayed as individual dots. Custom defition of percentiles is not supported.

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